SPAWN #196
MARCH 2010

The final issue of the 12-issue Endgame storyarc pencilled by Rob Liefeld and the arc came to a conclusion with the Clown anointing Jim Downing as the new Spawn. It is unfortunate that the twelve parts Endgame took eighteen months to complete, my only advice, as always for comic fans is to wait for the TPB! Not that I follow through on my own advice cos' Spawn to date remains the only comics that I continued to purchase as a single issue...oh well, re-read the entire 12 issues and see if the storyarc makes any sense...

Meanwhile, the story in this issue: While consoling Judy after an unsuccessful kidnapping, Marc realises Jim is the mystery miracle worker curing all the patients. In another part of town, Spawn solves mysteries of his own, when he learns he was defective byproduct of a human experiment. After learning Nortego was pulling the strings, Jim pays him a visit, only to find out that he, himself, was the one running the show. Test subjects weren't giving him the outcome he wanted, so Jim became his own guinea pig. Dealing with his bleak reality, Jim is consoled by Clown, who enlightens him on what he's become - a Hellspawn.

MARCH 2010
A prelude to the mini-series Image United was released as a complete work. Four parts of the issue were released in four separate series back in 2009. Spawn would appear only on the final page.

Pretty boring stuff as usual but fortunately there is the wonderful 4-page short story attached to it, see addendum.

Guardians of the Globe Promo 190x291 Guardians of the Globe Promo 190x292
MARCH 2010

Spawn appeared in the promo teasers for the upcoming Guardians of the Globe 6-issue mini-series to be launched in August...it was later revealed to be a joke.

MAY 2010

Illustrated by Whilce Portacio. Instead of a Spawn image, I choose that of the Redeemer because it looks like the end (or...?) of an enduring supporting cast member. While the bravery in removing an accomplished peripheral character is to be applauded, the way he is killed off by the vampires in a single bloodspot panel is both amateurish and sad, especially the latter - the lack of sequences in an action comics like Spawn is really sad. I disliked the unimaginative punch punch punch (wham bang slam is not punch punch punch) since a superbeing should have a more accomplished way of fighting besides a roundhouse punch but to end the career of Redeemer with just a panel without a fight is...sad.

In this issue: An unanticipated visitor leaves Sara a heavenly gift. Marc proves to Jim his healing power truly exists, when Jim's miraculous ability brings a once wheelchair bound man to his feet. Irritated by Marc's tactics on trying to secure exclusive coverage of the event, Jim tells Marc he never wants to see him again. However, Marc points out the media circus that's about to ensure, and offers to help navigate Jim through the madness. A few hours later, Clown encourages Jim to use his hellborn powers against the two entities looking for him. Clown explains both Heaven and Hell would rather Jim not find the answers to his past. An unexpected drop-in from the Redeemer reveals the identity of the angel, whose wings were ripped from her back. However, Clown is suspicious of his motives and believes Redeemer has come to obtain Spawn. A vicious attack from Clown's growing Vampire army leaves Redeemer for dead on the rooftop.

As has already been established, old panels from the past were reused and here's another example. Image courtesy of berovbros who put it up in Imageshack.

MAY 2010
A Spawn figure appeared in the opening page, with those articulated joints, you know the illustrator has only a very narrow number of candidates to gather inspiration from. This is a four-issue mini-series and sadly, this is the only Spawn to appear.

Hack/Slash My First Maniac 001 CoverPhotobucket
JUNE 2010

Tyranide provides the assist here, spotting Cassie in a panel conducting an internet search and what do you know, there is a Hellspawn!

SPAWN #198
JULY 2010

Illustrated by Khairy Randolph. So there is a Patient 46, no surprise there although I wish there is a Project Alice.

In this issue: A troubled agent is forced to continue a career he walked out on, but finds a very convincing reason to do so. Clown returns to warn Jim that Heaven and Hell are on the move and says he's found a clue to Jim's past. After quitting at the Clarion, Marc reveals why he ambushed Jim at Sara's apartment building with the war vet in the wheelchair, and, again, offers to navigate Jim through the media circus. What Jim doesn't know is Marc is the cause of it. Another super villian, Patient 46, bursts onto the scene, and badgers Jim about his inclusion in "the program," while a battle takes place. Jim forcibly learns about experiments tested and others, and is told he must die like the others before him. However, Jim survives the unexpected clash, and walks straight into the media spotlight.


Jim Downing just can't hold a candle to Al Simmons where sitting on the rubbish throne is concerned.

SPAWN #199

I was reading it diligently as a Spawn fan would and the story was pretty ho-hum...until page 18. I rarely get jolted while reading a comic but promise of more Spawns, yeah! Oh, and this issue is illustrated by Erik Larsen.

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The next graphic novel by Arthur Claire and Aleksi Briclot with image courtesy of amazon.com. Spawn #188 and the next two issues after it mentioned that this 64-page graphic novel is due in May 2009 but it failed to materialise. Hopes are once again raised when in #196, McFarlane brought up the subject again to say that it would definitely be out in 2010.