This blog - the listing of appearances made by Spawns in comic books started as a companion piece to the figures collection but it gradually took on a life of its own as more and more appearances are discovered. It has been a fascinating hobby and I hope you enjoy the compilation. The list is presented in a chronological manner under 'Timeline'. To retain its trimness, an addendum has been created separately (see contents bar just below heading).

This list would not be possible if not for the many contributors, especially Colin aka 'murch' from Novia Scotia, Canada. Well, if I miss out any Spawns that appeared in the comics or other media, do contact me. If there is any attempt at continuity, it is incidental.

This collection is meant for those with knowledge of what Spawn is about. For the clueless few, here's one of the best summary I came across:

"For anyone who has never read the comic, it’s the story of Al Simmons, covert government agent who is betrayed and murdered. The demon Malebolgia offers him the chance to live again, as a Hellspawn and lead the forces of Hell in the approaching war with heaven. He takes the deal because he is desperate to see his beloved wife Wanda again. The deal isn’t quite what it seems though. When he returns to Earth he finds that five years have passed and Wanda has married his best friend. That’s the source of all his anguish and bitterness."

- David Hine on Jazma Online (Apr 08) -

David Mok