Ever wonder how many Spawns there are besides Al that appeared in Comic Books and the Silver Screen? Well, I do and what else, I create a list marking their first appearance. If you discovered more of them, do email me. Abdiel the angel found wearing the ‘M’ symbol in Curse of the Spawn #16
  1. Al Lemons as Yawn, a parody of Spawn in Yawn #1
  2. Al Persimmons as Spewn, a parody of Spawn in Stupid #1
  3. Another Al Simmons known as Spasm, a parody of Spawn in Splitting Image #1
  4. Alfie Simmons as the Li’l Spawning in Wizard Spawn Edition
  5. Angel the Hellspawn in Curse of the Spawn #25
  6. Bairn, known as Spawn the Marauder aka Spawn the Godslayer in Spawn: Godslayer
  7. Billy Kincaid, making his 1st appearance as a Hellspawn in Spawn #8
  8. Bomb Queen, turned into Spawnqueen in Bomb Queen IV #3
  9. Caleb the Pirate Spawn in Manga Spawn #2
  10. Cerebus marks his first appearance in a Spawn costume on a promotion poster for Spawn #4 and he returned in Cerebus #276 as Spore, a parody of Spawn
  11. Cheng Lie the Mandarin Spawn in Spawn #165
  12. Cheveyo the Zombie Spawn in Manga Spawn #2
  13. Christopher the Boy Spawn and co-ordinator of the Legion in Spawn #150
  14. Cogliostro the First Spawn in Spawn #9, making his 1st appearance as a bum
  15. Count Novia of Illyria in Spawn #77
  16. Cut Throat the Pirate Spawn in an Angela Special
  17. Daniel Llanso in Curse of the Spawn #1 to #4 (1996), Total Eclipse One (1998) and Spawn Annual #2 (2000).
  18. Deadpool trying out a Spawn costume in Deadpool I #36
  19. Genghis Khan in Hellspawn #5 (first mentioned in Hellspawn #1)
  20. Giant Spawn in Angela #2 (see Angela’s trophy room)
  21. Ipissimus in Spawn/Wildcats
  22. Isanagi Nakadai in Spawn #114
  23. Harun al-Majnun in Spawn #118
  24. Hiroshi Kitamura in Spawn #154
  25. Jeremy Winston the Gunslinger Spawn, first appeared in Spawn #119 as an unnamed member of the Spawn convention and later starred in a 2-issue arc in #174 and #175.
  26. Jim Downing the coma guy with a Spawn entity in him in Spawn #2 and #3 and later re-emerged as the mysterious guy in Spawn #186
  27. Jsedah Vvqevhds the Martian Spawn in Babe #3
  28. Ken Kurosawa in Manga Spawn #1
  29. Kill-Cat in a Spawn costume in The Deadly Duo II #1
  30. Kumiko Kitamura first appeared in Spawn #153 among the Legion and more memorable in #154, #155 and #183
  31. Loch Ness the Spawn, a poster in Hellspawn #5
  32. Lord Iain Covenant, Spawn the Black Knight in Spawn the Dark Ages #1
  33. Mangler, the wolf companion of Cheveyo in Shadows of Spawn
  34. Medieval Spawn, later revealed to be Sir John of York was first created in Spawn #9 by Neil Gaiman. He subsequently appeared in six other stories and I find it difficult to reconcile that all the stories centred on one medieval spawn especially when the version created by Gaiman is naïve and new to the world of spawndom
  35. Morana in Spawn #183
  36. Necro Cop the Nearly Spawn in Spawn Simony
  37. Ninja Spawn, one of the two Spawns that turns up to support Al in Spawn #160
  38. Nordik the Norse Hellspawn in FAN Edition
  39. Nyx as a She-Spawn in Spawn #139 (and again in #182 and Bomb Queen IV #3)
  40. Pirate Spawn in Spawn #183
  41. Prawn in Spittin' Image
  42. Prince Vlad III as Spawn the Impaler in a miniseries of the same name
  43. Raenius the Hellspawn in Curse of the Spawn #21
  44. Reverend Song Sung Bloo wearing a Spawn costume in Spawn the Undead #4
  45. Rod McLarsen the Demonspawn in Warrior Nun Areala/Glory #1
  46. Samurai Spawn, one of the two Spawns that turns up to support Al in Spawn #160, am not sure if he is the same Samurai Spawn in Spawn #183
  47. Savage Dragon merged with Spawn and become Dragon Spawn in Altered Image #2
  48. Shadowhawk merged with Spawn and become Shadow Spawn in Altered Image #2
  49. Spank in Dr Blink: Superhero Shrink #3
  50. Spawnmower, a Spawn robot in Sonic the Hedgehog #8
  51. Spoon (Alice Timmid) in Spoon #1 and Spoon vs Batbabe
  52. Thomas Coram the War Spawn in Spawn #179
  53. Ulrich Ulfson in Spawn #118
  54. Yagher Dien, the Nearly Spawn in Spawn the Dark Ages #22
  55. Zombie Spawn in Curse of the Spawn #22

The webcomics Adventures of Spawn provide several Spawns but not all are translated into drawings.

1) There are eleven Spawns that held the Mantle of Spawn but only four are listed:

  • Lord Klay von Gore the Raven Spawn in Adventures of Spawn: Secret Files
  • Wings of Redemption Spawn (more like Redeemer) in Adventures of Spawn: Secret Files
  • Gunslinger Spawn in Adventures of Spawn: Secret Files
  • Al Simmons (the alive version) in Adventures of Spawn #1 and known as Spawn X.
2) Below are robotic spawns created by Norvel Peabody in 1889. Remember, they are in Greek alphabetical orders except for Vector which is an anomaly:

  • Alpha Αα Spawn
  • Beta Ββ Spawn
  • Gamma Γγ Spawn
  • Delta Δδ Spawn
  • Epsilon Εε Spawn
  • Zeta Ζζ Spawn
  • Theta Θθ Spawn
  • Omega Ωω Spawn appeared in Adventures of Spawn #1
  • Vector Spawn
3) Others include:

  • Cy-Gor in Adventures of Spawn #2 - in a dream sequence of himself as a Hellspawn
  • The four robots that form the Omega Squadron and created by Omega Spawn in his own image, see Adventures of Spawn #1


  • The Spawn Convention with Al in Spawn #119
  • The Legion of Spawns in Spawn #153
  • The two that promise another meeting with Simmons in Spawn #162
  • The Magnificent Sevens that are the remnants of the Legion of 6000 in Spawn #183 – five are identified – Christopher, Hiroshi, Kumiko, Pirate and Samurai. The other two are a Spawn with a 3rd Eye and one that looks like either Lord Covenant the Black Knight or Lord Bartholomew the Raven Knight
  • The three unknown characters whom Spawn merges with in Altered Image #3
  • The unknown Spawn who bragged he is the most powerful Spawn in Curse of the Spawn #16
  • The unidentified dark ages (Pompeii?) Spawn in Spawn the Dark Ages #6
  • The unidentified dark ages Spawn in Spawn the Dark Ages #7
  • The 3 Spawns in Celestine #1