Appearances of Medieval Spawn in Comics

  1. April 1993
    Created by Neil Gaiman in Spawn #9 to show off the prowess of Angela.

  2. September/November 1993
    Appeared in 2-issue storyarc of Spawn #14 and #15 where Clown relates his battle with Medieval Spawn.

  3. December 1994
    Ended up as a trophy in Angela #1.

  4. December 1994
    In the toy comic version titled ‘Darkness’, Medieval Spawn has a happier ending.

  5. May 1996
    A jilted Medieval Spawn in Medieval Spawn/Witchblade 3-issue mini-series.

  6. August 1996
    Introduced as Sir John of York in Spawn: Bible.

  7. June 1998
    Appeared as part of a dreamscape in Altered Image #2.